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Macoy in the House February 5, 2013

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The Love of My Life! July 17, 2012

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I am a late bloomer! I never cared to love dogs and animals in my younger years.  They were just insignificant to me during those years when I was preoccupied with studying and working. A friend of mine taught me how to love dogs indirectly by giving me a half-bred german shepherd and our local breed.  I gave the dog name Buddy, he is now eight (8) years old.  I have two (2) other male dogs, a belgian and a half pomeranian half japanese spitz.  They are all the source of our happiness aside from our family. Just like other pet parents, I have a favorite one and he is the love of my life.

Five (5) years ago, I lost a pet named Smart.  He had parvo virus and failed to survive. I lost every inch of happiness in my life, he was my life and was my baby.  Mourning over his death, I decided not to have dogs again and cried for almost a month.  My husband suggested to have a baby dog again but I was reluctant thinking that no other dog can ever compare the love and happiness Smart has given to us.  But because it was hard for me to move on, we decided to find one on the internet and there I found the new love of my life and we named him Macoy.

Macoy has been with us since 2007 and he never failed to bring us joy in our household.  He is a mama’s boy and loves to be around with me all the time.  One thing that dogs taught me is that they are always there for you no matter what.  They are patiently waiting for you and greet you with so much excitement and happiness in their faces.    My dog wants to play with me all the time to the point of sitting on top of my books and computer just to get my attention.  He literally knows what to play as he choose one from his toys and brings it to me to play “tug of war” or “throw and retrieve”.

It is comforting to know that in this complex world, busy career life and uncomfortable conditions, there are creatures worth to be taken care of as they take care of us too.  They fill our hearts with unconditional love and loyalty.  They are so amazingly human at heart!  My dog consoles me when I’m crying, calms me when I am agitated and angry, greets my mornings with love and puts me to sleep before finding his way underneath my bed to sleep.  He welcomes his daddy (my husband) late at night and never fails to greet him at the door.  Of course, he is hoping too that his daddy has a present for him “a fried chicken from Mcdonalds” 🙂  And if time still permits, they will play hardly in our bed leaving me few accidental scratches in my arms or legs.  Somehow the loneliness of being a childless couple is lessened to a certain degree.  We even joked around that we are lucky to have a four-legged baby who knows how to bark but kidding aside, dogs should not be taken as alternatives.  They have to be loved and be given with the things they needed to survive.  We always take good care of our dogs from the food down to their health needs.

I cannot imagine life without my baby dog! May God bless him with a long and healthy life.  May we will be able to give him back the love he is pouring on us.  For the love of my dog, I will do my best to protect and love him always.